vegan sushi easy to make

Vegan Sushi easy to make at home

Being a sushi master is not something easy, but we can make a decent vegan sushi at home in an easy way. That’s why after a few attempts I decided share the recipe with you.

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How to make Banana Ice Cream (nice cream)

Some of you already know how to make a banana ice cream or nice cream, but some days ago I posted a picture on Instagram with an strawberry-banana ice cream and also some of you asked for the recipe.

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receta hummus espinacas

Spinach Hummus Recipe, a source of iron

I few weeks ago I shared a strawberry hummus recipe, which seemed to be a crazy ideal, but delicious, I swear! This time I bring a new version, a spinach hummus recipe, an extraordinary source of iron.

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tallarines berenjena crema cacahuete

Spaghetti with Aubergine and Peanut Butter

This Spaghetti with aubergine and peanut butter is so delicious and, what is even better, it is really simple, no mystery! Of course, it is very healthy and complete.

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humus de fresa

Strawberry Hummus Recipe, a different dip

I know what you’re thinking, strawberries and hummus at the same time? Yep! Today I felt like experimenting and I got some fresh strawberries before going home. Then an idea got into my mind, strawberry hummus!

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