Veronica LarcoMy name is Verónica and I’d like to tell you the story about why I created this blog specialized in vegan cuicine.

One day just like any onther, I did not know what to cook (yes, that also happens to me), and I had cauliflower at home so I thought looking for a nice récipe to make a bechamel suace was a good idea.

That situation was curious from the begining because I could count with my fingers how many time I had cauliflower in the past years. Also because I never make a bechamel sauce before.

Like any normal person, I googled a bechamel recipe (a vegan récipe, of course) and like a good inexperinced cooker I followed the instructions strictly. After a few minutes I noticed it hadn’t been a good decisión, the measures were completely wrong and I got a something closer to a cake dough than to a sauce.

I admit perhaps I had to stop pouring flour before that situation, but I also have to say I didn’t pour all the specified flour.

Then you undertand how upset I could be that moment, especially having in acount I had no plan B. That was supposed to be my only dish. 

Anyway, and I always do, I try to see the bright side of things. So this was how the idea about making a vegan blog came to my mind. The idea bout making nice recipes tested by me before sharing.

And here I am telling you the story and cooking like never before.

So I hope you like this page and find it as usefull as I want it to be. Also I hope I can inspire you to make healthier meals, but more conscious, more sustainable and full of love as well, because that is what vegan means at the end 🙂