How to make Banana Ice Cream (nice cream)

How to make Banana Ice Cream (nice cream)

Some of you already know how to make a banana ice cream or nice cream, but some days ago I posted a picture on Instagram with an strawberry-banana ice cream and also some of you asked for the recipe.

To be true, this is a very easy recipe, but if some one is a little lost out there, here I give you some tricks to make a delicious vegan ice cream.

chocolate banana ice cream

The banana ice crema can be mixed with another ingredients to get different flavours, such a fruit, better if you use seasonal fruit, most delicious and cheap 😉

This nice cream also can be taken on its own, no other ingredient is really needed, specially if you use very rape bananas, and that’s one of the big keys, if you don’t want to use extra sugar, using rape bananas is your secret, their sugar level (natural sugar, of course) is higher.

strawberry banana ice creamStrawberry-Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Ingrediente for to serves:

  • 4 rape bananas
  • 200 gr strawberries
  • Optional: vanilla


  1. Peel and roughly cut up banana into pieces. Also cut up the strawberries into pieces. If you do not have a very powerful food processor or blender, the pieces must be smaller.
  2. Save the pieces in bags and froze for at least 4 hours. Try to spread the pieces very well to not get a “dough”.
  3. Place the fruit (and vanilla) in the food processor and blend until smooth. Stop and stir with a spoon if it is needed.
  4. Serve with your favourite toppings, such a oats, chocolate or coconut flakes.