How to make Coconut Milk at home: easy, cheap and delicious

How to make Coconut Milk at home: easy, cheap and delicious

Today’s recipe is a very easy one, it is just about how to make coconut milk at home.

It is easy, but very useful, cheap and delicious.

bottle of homemade coconut milk

For sure you know a nice coconut milk can be quite expensive, so making it at home it’s a very good idea. You only need a few minutes to prepare one liter of coconut milk and just one coconut.

And what is more interesting, you’ll get “material” to make smoothies or juices with the coconut water.

how to make coconut milk

I love coconut milk, not only for its great flavor, but because it’s rich in grupos B vitamins and vitamin C. Also  it contains proteins (2,30 gr) and potassium.

homemade coconut milk

This is one of the first recipes I make with my new brand Optimun G2.1, this is being a great change in my life, really! It is so easy to blend anything!! It even has a special mode to make nut milks and I got a nut-milk bag with the blender. So I has one coconut and all that, what could I do? haha

hot to make coconut milk at home

Coconut Milk Recipe

Ingredients for 1 L. of coconut milk:

  • Flesh of one coconut
  • 1 liter of water


  1. Open the coconut and pull the flesh out
  2. Optional: peel the brown part of the flesh
  3. Blend the flesh with one liter of water until smooth
  4. Then strain the liquid off using a nut-milk bag
  5. Now the milk is ready and if you are not going to use it immediately, store it in a glass bottle in the fridge.
  6. Shake before use.