A nice way of serving Watermelon to share

A nice way of serving Watermelon to share


Today I come with a really easy and funny way of serving watermelon and I am pretty sure everyone will enjoy it!

No, seriously, this is the easiest recipe ever! As easy as incredibly delicious!! I didn’t expect to post this “recipe” but I felt the need to share this newly discovered goodness.

serving watermelon with raspberries

I love watermelon and I love raspberries, so I said “all in one, why not?” And that’s how I discovered that watermelon and raspberries are the best match you can find! Sweet, sour, fresh and ideal place it in the middle of a table and rounded by friends or family in a summer afternoon ?

This watermelon to share is perfect with grated coconut and a dash of chocolate but you can get inspired and topping it with your favourite ingredients.

A different way of serving Watermelon to share
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  1. 1/2 watermelon
  2. 1 cup frozen raspberries
  3. Grated coconut
  4. Liquid chocolate
  1. Cut the red part of watermelon into squares and take them out of it (do not cut the peel).
  2. Mix those squares with the raspberries and place them them again in the "watermelon bowl".
  3. Add toppings such a grated coconut and a dash of liquid chocolate.
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